Microgel -32 Bentonite Powder

VAN-BENT MINERALS MICROGEL-32 BENTONITE POWDER is pure Na Base Bentonite powder, originated from Kutch District of Gujarat. It is mined and processed specially for foundry.

MICROGEL-32 BENTONITE POWDER is used as foundry green sand binder for all kind of Compaction (Pressing, Blowing, Vibration etc.) and for all foundry metals and methods of casting and above all get as quick bonding element.

The high Montmorillonite content of MICROGEL-32 BENTONITE POWDER always gives high swelling value with excellent thermal stability. Due to high Montmorillonite values it reduced the additions of Bentonite and can able to maintain Active Clay level.

It has great Thermal Stability with generation of lesser dead clay.

Typical performance of MICROGEL-32 BENTONITE POWDER Na Base Bentonite Powder when tested as per BIS Method.



No. Physical Properties Specification
1. Moisture (@105º - 110º C) 12 % Max.
2. Sieve Analysis (Wet) – 200 Mesh 98 % Min.
3. pH ( 6% Suspension) 9.5 – 11.0
4. Swelling Capacity ( 2gms / 100 Cc) 32 Min.
5. Gelling Time (10%) Instantaneous (25 to 30 Sec)
6. MB Value (mg /gm Of Bentonite)
(As Per API Method)
420 ± 10
7. Gel Formation Index 90 Min.
8. Green Compressive Strength (10:4) 0.95 Kg/Cm2 Min
9. Wet Tensile Strength (N/cm2) 0.33 Min.

25 KG, 50 KG, 1 MT BAGS

VAN-BENT MINERALS MICROGEL-32 BENTONITE POWDER does not contain any fermentable product and is environmentally acceptable.